Hindsight is 20/20

In retrospect it makes perfect sense to not use an upcut bit with a masking film. :man_shrugging:

As Jimmy DiResta says, “You go to school on the first one”.

EDIT: I made it work.

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FYI, I use Oramask all the time with an upcut bit. You do have to make sure the mask is firmly attached to the surface of your material. I either use an old credit card edge or a brayer and roll the mask down. I also usually sand and seal the surface of the material ahead of applying the mask. Hope this helps. Better luck next time.


I did some experimenting before running the clock in the video and learned the same things.

The stock for the clock was sanded-lacquered-sanded lacquered-sanded before being masked and a plastic squeegee was used to apply it. No bubbles!

I think my bit maybe sharp enough to cut wood but not sharp enough to cut plastic. It was also a 1/16-in bit so there’s not a whole lot of cutting surface there to start with.