Homed readings after homing

Here is pic of my homes readings. Is this correct? And also my controller moves Z axis the wrong way. Up on joystick goes down and down goes up.

Sometimes it is the Game pad that is wrong. Do you have the blue lights on the game pad at 10 & 2?
If not, the game pad is the problem. Does the touch screen move the Z the correct direction? If so, it is again the game pad mode.

Yes I have those blue lights. And the machine goes the correct way with the touchscreen


I am making drink coasters and am cutting out 1/8 inch for drink to sit in. I want to cut words in the cut out. I started with 1/2 inch stock. I changed the material for this cut to .375 and it still didn’t touch the wood. It’s like it still thinks the wood 1/2 inch. How do I make this work. Thanks


I would love to see a photo of your coasters. I am trying to get some ideas.