Homing and X Alarms...B Hard Limit

UPDATE: PROBLEM SOLVED. X-Axis Homing Switch Trigger was the issue. When I installed my spindle cable I did not tighten the screws properly and the trigger was not proberly activating the X axis switch.

I am setting up my Foreman for the first time. Prior to receiving my spindle I got the machine to home, jog, etc., in all three axis. I added the spindle and now have Homing and X alarms and a B Hard Limit. On the X I noticed that the spindle mount is hitting a screw at Home. Can’t figure out how to correct the alarms. The X shows as being -.1495 inches which could explain hitting the screw. As a precaution I reinstalled the default machine files to no avail. Prior to homing and getting the homing a X alarm I get a B hard limit error. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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