Homing problems when files are loaded

I have noticed lately that when I have tool paths loaded in the controller and turn it off, I cannot home the machine when I turn it back on without deleting the tool paths.
What am I doing wrong?

This may seem like and dumb question coming from someone still waiting for their machine.
But how are you turning it off?
I was expecting just hit the power, but found this video…


This is the way I have always shut it down. I have had the machine about 9 months, and this is something I have never noticed.

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One suggestion I would make is to create a “do nothing” file and name it like 1a.nc so it’s the first in the list. There might be something in the files you are loading that the controller doesn’t like and on boot up it is parsing the first one in the list.

To make it a valid file you should have something like this in it: