How To Clear Motor Alarms On Onefinity Elite Masso. FAQ

If you have issue with alarms on the motor or control screen or axis are counting down but not moving, try the following:

Special Notes:

  • Before doing anything, ensure you blow out each light sensor. Dust build up can affect the light sensing. Use compressed air and a microfiber towel to clean.
  • Direct sunlight can also affect the light sensors. Ensure no direct sunlight is shining in any of the 4 homing sensors.

F1 Settings Clearing.

  • Ensure all axes are away from the homing sensors by 2 or so inches at least.

  • Power off the machine.

  • Power on the machine.

  • Push Estop in

  • turn/pull estop out.


  • Go to F1 Screen.

  • The password box for the F1 screen will pop up.
    Push the ENTER button (bottom right button on the keyboard with the arrow) to allow changes in the f1 screen.

    On any high/red items (ensure you scroll all the way down in the center column) single tap the line that is red/high.
    (when single taped, the line will highlight)
    Then push the space bar on the keyboard at the bottom of the screen.
    This should change it to green/low.

  • Repeat for all red/high items (except ESTOP. LEAVE ESTOP LINE ALONE FOR THIS PART).

  • Once all green / low, power down the machine and leave it off for 30 seconds or so for the setting to stick.

  • After 30 seconds, power on the machine.

  • Push Estop in

  • Twist/Pull Estop out.


  • Go to F1 screen and confirm settings took and all items are low/green except for tool setter.

  • Once confirmed all green/low (except estop, disregard estop line), go back to the F3 screen and double tap home.

  • If sending a video to support, ensure we can see both the F1 screen alarms AND the machine moving in the same screen.
    It will help to turn your phone horizontally when filming to capture both of these items in the same frame.

Video Example:

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