How to detect fine lines in my design

Hi there,

I’d like to fine a strategy to detect all very fine lines in my design before machining. I’ll then adapt the design into Aspire to make it less critical for carving. Example is : detect all lines less that 0.8 mm in the design below before of after having turned it in vector …

I’ve Aspire + photoshop + illustrator + Inkscape but not an expert of it

Someone has an idea ??


An example of what I mean

Inkscape has a tool to convert non-vector artwork into vector artwork. Within that tool you should be able to adjust the settings to remove the smaller lines during the conversion.

Is that what you are looking to do?

I’m indeed using inkScape to transform this pixel image into a vector image. I havn’t seen any option to detect fine lines at this stage especially with option to define the limit ex : < 0.7mm

If you thinks there is a setting / feature I’ve missed, please can you enrich your replay ?
Stefano H