HY spindle / VFD package?

What are people’s opinions of the HY spindle and VFD package? I see several brands on Amazon (like Rattm and Mysweety) but those names don’t inspire me with confidence. I assume they are just buying and rebranding stuff. In some cases they even are using a HY VFD. Price wise they all seem to be about $400 for the 80mm 2.2kw spindle, VFD, and water pump.

The HY spindle looks to be a little shorter than the Rattm version. I read a post about someone having an issue with the spindle hitting the Z axis motor so they had to clamp it so it extended further down from the bracket potentially putting added stress on the Z axis. Anyway I have a few months before I’ll get my 1F but would like to get the spindle now so I don’t have to deal with potential shortages and not being able to use it.



I am wondering the same the thing. I am about two weeks out for mine to ship. Just a FYI, the one you have listed is a 80 mm spindle. Currently Onefinity uses a 65 mm mount. There was post on forum where it was announced they will be releasing a 80 mm spindle. So I will probably just use the Makita until the official 80 mm get released.

80 mm spindle announced

I have had good experience with Rattmotor, as they have an actual website, and I asked them via their Amazon Canada store to bring in their water proof 65mm 800kw spindle and matching dust boot and they did. Their response to emails (given the time difference) as been excellent, all through Amazon dot ca.

I bought the RM branded 65mm 800spindle with the Hangyang 3kW VFD and water pump and just tested them this week and work as expected.

Those 80mm spindles are monsters comparatively, and I will be wiring it up and testing it this week.

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Yeah I’ve had good experience with them also. I bought one of their rotary axis and it has been nothing but great since I bought it. I would no worries buying something else from them.

I have a HY VFD and “Chang Shen” branded 1.5kw 110v 65mm spindle (200mm length, I am the one you mention in your post.) For the price, I think they’re a fair deal, but time will tell. After cutting with mine I’m not really worried about the clamp location. It’s very rigid, but perhaps when the 80mm mount is released I’ll be able to pick up an extra 65mm one from someone and add it to my z slider… The genuine HY VFD seems to be the way to go ( with control speed knob, not just an empty location for it) and people claim years of use with them. The VFD can be configured to automatically turn on/off external relays for accessories, which is fairly handy. Who knows about the spindle, but it seems legit and has very little run out. I had to take it apart and ground the inside of the 4 pin aircraft connector to the case, then re-seal the top cap. I also chose to buy 20 feet of continuously flexible braided shielding 4 conductor 16ga wire to run from the VFD to spindle. It was expensive, but I feel good about it. I’m sure another perfectly suitable option could be had for far less and probably work just fine. The pump is questionable, and you’ll probably want to replace the tubing that came with it. But both of those are fairly easy to replace. We’ll see how long the setup lasts, but I expect it to be many times the lifespan of a makita router, and without any maintenance or concerns about extended run times. If I had to do it again, I would have waited for the 80mm mount just for the possibility of using a 1/2” bit, although I’m not really sure how necessary that is on a machine of this size

The pump is probably a throw away item. After all if it dies how would you know unless you put a flow switch in the return line. If it does die while in the middle of a long job you’ll most likely burn up the spindle. Since the 80mm mount should be out long before I get my 1F it doesn’t make sense not to upgrade right off.

I am using one of these flow gauges and a coolant temperature gauge in my setup as I don’t have a lot of cooling capacity but forums suggest the spindles don’t get that warm, although I will be primarily cutting aluminum.

May add one of these flow sensors connected to an estop pin on the controller but wanted to see if pump failure was a significant problem first. Most pumps I have experience with last a long time.

So the 80 mm is for sure?I am due late July to mid August.Is it safe to buy an 80 mm spindle.

Well 1F seemed certain enough for me, having 80mm beta testers and I read somewhere that an 80mm clamp was one of their top requests. I bought both, a 2.2kW 80mm spindle for production and 800w 65mm spindle for setup/backup and plan on using the same 3kW Huanyang VFD for both.

From what I’ve read there’s going to be a number of things announced on their 1 year anniversary. I went ahead and ordered the HY spindle package.

So far so good with the HY 65mm. I have the 80mm on standby, just waiting on the mount to be released.


I am still waiting for my machine.Late July.If I want the 80 mm clamp do I have to wait again or are they seperate from the machine order.I cant even remember if there is a clamp with my order.I need some advise too on VFD with water cooled spindle.Will the machine come with a 65 mm clamp as default from factory?

When 1F added the option for the 10" display they just had people who were waiting for their machine to ship send them an email requesting the change. I suspect that any new options they will announce next week (which could include the 80mm spindle mount) will be the same. There could be an up charge so have your credit card ready.