I updated firmware to 1.0.8

I updated firmware to 1.2.1. Now I can’t change to Imperial in settings.

Why did you up date to a 2 year old release? There’s been many releases since then, perhaps one that will solve your problem.

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Hey Scott, I have been on 1.0.9 firmware since I set up my Journeyman last August.
Aside from running too fast of feed and causing miss steps, I haven’t had any issues. I would suggest you only update to 1.0.9

Cheers, Neil


Hey Scott,

I would update to release 1.0.9. It’s very stable and many people use it.


My error. I updated to 1.2.1.

I will not update untill I see everyone praising the new up[date for 6 months lol.I have 1.0.9. and it is doing fine.

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