1.3 BB firmware bug - Stuck on probing (resolved)

We need a stable firmware update NOW! This is the time of year that most of us are making money with our machines, and can not afford to be producing scrap! I have downloaded ver. 1.3 twice now in attempt to stabilize my machine. Right now my machine is hung while trying to zero the XYZ axises.

If someone needs to spend the night there fixing this, I don’t care. It’s either that or start paying for my premium lumber losses.

I also tried a cold (off/ on) restart. Although I was able to get past the problem report above the first cut on the machine the Z axis was .500 too high.

Where can I download previous versions?

Hey John,

OnefinityCNC → onefinity-firmware → Releases

1.0.9 is known to be very stable.


I’m still using 1.09. Don’t see a reason to update.

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Did you post this in the 1.3 thread and tag the developer so they can fix this bug? If not, it’ll never get fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

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