Image not properly centering

I use the ARTCAM 2008 software for my CNC Machine. I cannot for the life of me figure out why the image refuses to center properly. I have a 60 X 60 CM block that I want to work on, and I want all 4 sides to have about 2.5 CM of freespace. I believe that I am doing it correctly on artcam, because I always make sure to center and evenly distribute the image. but the machine is my issue, it either goes too much to the left or too much to the right and then its not properly centered.

This would be much easier to explain over video if someone has a whatsapp they could share with me maybe

Hello Joseph - welcome to the forums. Generally speaking, any alignment issue is usually a work coordinate system issue rather than the machine itself. It is possible it’s the hardware, but you didn’t provide many details for us to help Devine exactly what you are trying to do, what procedures you used and the outcome. So, maybe post your process and the design file or the gcode for inspection. Open questions:

1 - did you home and zero?
2 - does your zero location match your work coordinate origin?
3 - do other files have this problem?
4 - are their any obvious mechanical issues with the machine?
5 - is the machine properly trammed and squared?
6 - have you checked all the wiring?

And if it matters: “Autodesk ArtCAM ® software has been discontinued. As of July 7, 2018, Autodesk ArtCAM has been discontinued with no planned future releases or updates.” 2008 is 15 years ago, and 2018 is 5 years – highly recommend against using something that old.

Look forward to your response.


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Link that Tom referenced about ArtCAM showing that the software is no longer supported. :frowning:

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This is the software that was provided to me when I purchased the machine. Do you know if any other softwares work with all CNC machines? To be specific I have the CNC A4-2030-L8. Would other softwares work with it?

Hi Joseph - I’m not familiar with that machine – google says it’s a massive commercial grade machine?

In any case, any CAD and CAM software will let you produce gcode, that most machines will except. Popular packages include: Easel, Carbide Create, Fusion 360, Carveco, Vectric Aspire or VCarve. I believe Solid Works and Rhino have CAM packages too, but I have no experience with them.

If you post your design or picture we might be able to help you more.



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