Increasing font size, font type or using bold fonts on touchscreen

Would it be possible to increase the size of the font used and icons presented on the touchscreen, especially for buttons (such as the jogging keypad) and the File/Delete/Play/etc buttons below the keypad? Increasing them to roughly half the height of the box/button would probably be quite helpful.

Thanks for the consideration!


I have to say I completely agree with Allen on this point. The text could be a whole lot larger & bold, making it much more readable on a 7" screen.



Bill and @ACNailedit, you can simply pinch-zoom with two fingers directly on the touchscreen to temporarily make the buttons bigger; then zoom out when done. I’m sure that would be an easy update, but this technique works for now for me.


Good to know. I know it’s open source, so it may be an easy fix for someone who knows what they’re doing.

It’s open source, but the repo does not appear to be used for active development. E.g., there is no nightly build and I didn’t see any build instructions to get any modified code onto the controller. A pull request should be possible, but again, not sure they are using that repo for change management.

I’d like to see the UI have skins, so you can use icons for the buttons and customize, as well as a plugin factory to write custom extensions without needing to recompile the entire source tree.




I’m actually working on something similar this - there are a bunch of CSS / html changes that can be made easily, but i’m blocked by not having the right build environment. I’ll hopefully have something towards the end of the month when i can devote some time to it, and submit my PR to the onefinity team.

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Nice - I’d imagine the CSS and HTML files can be edited from the Pi directly (via SSH or SMB if they are enabled). But certainly having a build environment will be required at some point.


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