Touchscreen Keyboard

Am I missing something? I see YouTube video showing an onscreen keyboard, I am not able to access the touchscreen keyboard on my controller.

The on screen keyboard will appear any time you place the cursor in a box which allows for input.

Thats the way it should be working but for some reason its not. When I click into any box to change a parameter or to enter any G code nothing happens. Hopefully someone from Onefinity support will have a solution.

check the extension for virtual keyboard wasn’t turned off for some reason. In the upper right, there are three dots in the chrome browser. Check the extensions.

Thanks, That was it. It took a little hunting around but after a few minutes I found it and turned it on.
Not sure why it would be off, I hadn’t ever been into that menu prior to today. Thank again!!

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Can you please tell me where to find it