UI Controller HTML Source Files?

Hi OneFinity! I hope this is not redundant, and in an appropriate category…if not, please advise.

I have my WW on order and due mid/late April so I have been soaking in all the posts on the forum. I’ve seen a few comments/complaints/requests about the UI and I have also looked at the source code on the BB demo site. It is all very familiar stuff to me. (It’s what I did before I retired)
So, I was wondering if:

  1. Will it be possible to write my own HTML/CSS to re-UI the UI?
  2. Are the UI files part packaged in the firmware?
  3. If #1 = YES, what is the process to update/replace/restore the files?
  4. Any chance I could get the files ahead of time (I have 2 months to kill!)

Thanks and here’s hoping! :smile:


1.0.5 is on GIT. I was hoping to do the same for a remote monitor page. They are not doing regular check-ins though either

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GitHub - OneFinityCNC/onefinity-firmware - specifically - for OneFinity
GitHub - buildbotics/buildbotics-ui: Buildbotics frontend UI code - specifically for Buildbotics version (older but providing for reference)

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Hi Roger. OF is not using an open repository for on-going development. The last update to the Git page was 1.0.5 as noted by others.

1 - probably; all the UI stuff is run on the RPI. The AVR is only for motion control and sensing.
2 - sort of, see #1 :wink:
3 - most updates are from the USB stick or from the web (auto download).
4 - yep - links to the repos already posted. As a former professional SW development, I looked at the code and I’m not interested in touching it. Crazy combination of html, js, python and other craptastic languages. Maybe I’m just old school or something…



Hey @cyberreefguru,
Appreciate the details…thank you.
I downloaded 1.0.5 and turns out they added, among other things, a stylus stylesheet file to skin the UI as OF. Instead of static HTML, they(BB?) utilized PUG files which are compiled server-side. It’s my first encounter with PUG, but it’s not too scary. The JS API I/O structure is leveraging JQuery, which I used extensively, and the VUE library/framework. I used to write my own custom JS API layers, so it’s recognizable.
So, where I’m at is I have NO idea what makes for an optimal UI…since Im a total newbie to CNC. I’ll likely wait for some hands-on time as well as welcoming any input from the community before I mess with it.

Does anyone have experience with setting up the development environment in Debian?

Reference “remote monitor”. I quite fancy having a screen that displays the operating parameters I’m interested in.

There is a buildbotics API ( bbctrl-firmware/Web.py at master · buildbotics/bbctrl-firmware · GitHub). Has anyone had success accessing the API in the Onefinity Controller?

If yes…
I notice a feed override (bbctrl-firmware/Web.py at master · buildbotics/bbctrl-firmware · GitHub) - has anyone had a go at accessing this as means to, for example, increase the current feed by 10%?