IPM Speeds Different During Cut

I am doing a profile cut with my .125 Mini Jenny bit, and in VCarve have the IPM set at 100. On this particular piece, the cuts are straight, but on a diagonal (45deg). My speeds during these cuts are only 20IPM according to the controller. Is this because both the X and Y are moving and the OF slows down the IPM?

It has been my observation the speed the controller reports is whatever feed rate the program has set regardless of the actual speed considering acceleration. Do you have a ramp or plunge that occurs in the program that might be changing the feed rate? I would open the program and search for occurrences of a F20 command which might be changing the feed rate at specific parts of the toolpath.

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FEED: what the cad/gcode program calls for
VELOCITY: what the controller is actually cutting at

Velocity changes due to many factors, including, s curve, max deviation, jerk, z moves.


I see said the blind man… as he picked up the hammer and saw. Thanks for the quick replies. Derek gets the win, I had a previous toolpath doing a spiral ramp, and I did not de-select that on the following toolpath that cut the part out. Rookie mistake.

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