Very Slow Z-plunge rates on 3D Carve

Today I was cutting some Christmas ornaments I created in Aspire. I had the feedrate =100 and the plunge rate initially at 50ipm. On the flat beginning section, all was going well with the 100ipm feed. But as the job moved into the area with Z lifts everything slowed down to a crawl. It seemed like the Z rate was being limited which also slowed the X feed rate to match. What should have been a quick cut according to Aspire took hours to complete.

I tried to increase the plunge rate to 100ipm but no change on the cut. Also the reported feedrate on the monitor is showing 6000 ipm??

Time is money and this is not fast. Any clues what could be happening?

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Double check your using the right unit post p.

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3D finishing passes are highly dependent on the stepover and plunge rate. The machine will only move as fast as your plunge rate is, always set your feed rate to whatever your plunge rate is in vectric during a 3D finishing pass.

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I have the same issue. feed set to 125ipm plunge 125ipm step over on a 1/32 tapered ball nose is set 13% on the step over and the step over clearance pass and still only getting varible speeds from approx 7 to 25ipm 1.45 hr carve and vectric calculation is 37 mins which causes incorrect chipload fine dust and early worn out bits as expected from chipload being off
what can be done to speed things up?