Is anybody using the Masso Beta v5.100b upgrade?

I am running Sola Fide Designs KC, spindle with ATC. There are ALWAYS tools that you don’t want stored in your tool rack, and the v 5.100b seems to address that and other things.

Here are their release notes: MASSO G3 - v5.100b (BETA) Release Notes

Personally, I am not terribly afraid of Beta code. But, just like going to the beach, asking how things are is never a bad thing.

Like you, I am not terribly concerned about the BETA, but for me I don’t want to spend the time to reconfigure and dial things in until I finish milling my new Z assembly.

I just finished milling the base (non-moving) plate in aluminum, and for the toolpaths I needed about 4 tools. What I did was set up my tool changes for tools 25 to 30 (tools 1 to 24 are in the rack at the back) at the same coordinate at the front of the machine. I just have my hand ready to catch the current released tool, and ready to hold the new tool in place. It goes very quickly, and since I do not leave my machine while I mill these parts, it works for me as a temporary solution that is somewhat faster than using the rack.

What I would really like, and have asked for, is the added logic to let me choose multiple heights for the type 2 pick and place tool changes. My thoughts for the future is to design a mini tool rack that rides on the X axis gantry for a few commonly used tools - much like Shop Sabre’s FAV3 :grinning:

And back to your question, I have not seen any real issues with the BETA highlighted on the Masso forum

I’ve started using this again after giving up on it the first time i tried it.

Just keep an eye on the settings on changeover and watch the screen for errant moves when transferring files over wifi. Other than that i liked being able to see all the code lines, and not being limited to 2000

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Did you have to reset all your setting on the F1 screen and input all the tools again after going to this Beta version?

Yes, but they state that. I printed them out on a sheet, and also did screen shots. A little bit of work, but it also familiarize’s you again with Masso’s inner workings…

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OK thanks, I think I will wait a while before doing this, all I really like is the ability to increase the feed on the run.
Thanks, Pat

You can also save all of your settings, and then just reload them after the update.

Does this save the tool table as well?

Yes it does. Go to the F1 screen and at the bottom of the options on the left is ‘save user settings’. It will automatically create the correct folder to save them in. Once updated, you can then just do the same, but press ‘load user settings’. It will then load from the file you created and restore most\all of your settings. You still have to reset your wi-fi I think, but all of your settings will be restored, including the tool list.

Thanks, this was the only thing keeping me from doing the update other than waiting to see how many bugs came to light, probably wait another month and then update, looking forward to being able to increase feed on the run.
Thanks again,

Carl / Lynn

What made you decide to go with the Sola Fide Designs ATC over the PwnCNC ATC.

The Sola Fide looks like the one from CNC Depot - even the price is similar


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Hey Garry,

on reason could be that it is made in the USA and not in China.

It is in fact the CNCDepot spindle.

Before I get started, any of these discussions can be like talking about trucks, let’s say you want to by Ford… you can get the 150, the 250 the 350 or even a F750. Buy the machine that is a reasonable cost and does what you need it to do.

For me the deciding factors were:

  • The CNCDepot spindle is an ISO-30 vs an ISO-20. For all practical purposes a BT-30 and ISO-30 are the same. Vendors who use ISO-30 include: ShopSabre, Syil (X5 primarily metal machining) and Stepcraft (actually use the CNCDepot spindle). Basically ISO-30/BT-30 are the low end of “industrial” use and precision.

  • ISO-30 can use an ER32 collet vs a ER20 for the ISO-20. Though I am using ISO-30 “shorty” tool holders because the 1F Z travel is limiting

  • Tool holders and tools are expensive… the idea of migrating from an ISO-20 to an ISO-30 meant selling a lot of used gear at a huge discount/

  • The spindle is passively cooled. no need to fuss with liquids

  • The spindle is American made and can be rebuilt if need be. My wife is an electrical engineer, this was a BIG issue for her.

  • the spindle has a good reputation, especially running at lower RPMs for drilling operations. HP tapers off as RPM drops for spindles in this category.

I am trying to start a Youtube channel that will go into this in much greater detail… But this is a good start


I think the trick is, the one I use anyway, is to wait for full updates and don’t use the beta ones. I’m currently using 5.07 (I think, the most recent anyway) and I have had no problems. In fact every full update I have done, has had no issues so far if that helps put your mind at ease.

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So my last comment was hastily put together, and focused ONLY on the spindle. Sola Fide actually adds a lot to the package.

  • My package has a steel enclosure for the VFD and air controls. I believe Nick dropped this option because he felt people would not be interested in the higher cost. My wife the EE used to do control panels for industrial machines… and I mean the real stuff. She reviewed what Nick had done and approved it. Sure, she had a few comments, but would have installed it in one of her projects. By the way I have never had problems with “EMF” issues with this setup … imagine that?

  • Nick worked with Alex (CNC depot) to find what I am calling the “shorty” toolholder. It is an ISO-30 holder with an ER20 collet … but it is about 1 1/8" shorter than a standard ISO-30 tool holder. Length is an issue because the 1F a a relatively small Z travel. What I did not want to give up was the rigidity of the ISO-30 vs ISO-20

  • Again, with Z travel being an issue standard tool forks just won’t work. Nick has a very nicely design “tool cup” that allows me … and I am recalling this number so I could be wrong …a 2" bit projection in the ATC tool holder.

  • A nicely designed set of 4" dust boots. One for the “shorty” tool holders and one for the standard tool holders.

Has this process been without it’s problems, of course not. Am I please with the machine I have very much so. This is a value machine configuration; it is NOT a cheap setup.

If you want inexpensive, stick with a Makita router and learn. This machine is in my opinion competitive with the entry level industrial machine. I ran a Haas machine in some recent college classes … I have many of the same bells and whistles.

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  • PwnCNC spindles or American spindles can be rebuilt locally. You don’t send Japanese cars back to Japan to change oil.

  • ER20 and ISO-20 is sufficient for what I do - mainly wood.

  • Air cooled systems want you to provide clean air - otherwise there will be a build up of dust on the inside of the spindle which will reduce the cooling effectiveness. Liquid cooled spindles with a chiller can use RV Antifreeze and are a closed system. You only have to change the fluids once a year or so. A chiller has an alarm port and a cable can turn off the spindle if there is a problem. Liquid cooled spindles can continue to cool off when the spindle goes to 0 rpm. Air cooled spindles require the motor to turn for cooling.

  • One big concern is Sola Fide Designs require 30 amp circuit (stated in their youtube video and their documentation. A 2.2 kw spindles at 220 should draw 10 amps so a 15 amp circuit should be sufficient.
    I have a 30 amp dedicated space heater and run 4 - 15 amp dedicated circuits. So power can be marginal in a garage.

  • Onefinity wants us to fill the oil reservoirs and the Z axis requires removing the Z.20 (elite foreman) which should be easier with the round spindle. Also the spindle comes in around 3 lbs lighter than the CNC Depot spindle.

  • I went with 400 hz 2.2 kw 220 volt water cooled spindle. Once PwnCNC has more ATC experience under their belt I will go with their ATC system and keep the other spindle as a backup.

  • These are the reasons I went with PwnCNC

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