Is this suck it boot mount installed correctly?

Is this mounted right with the spacer? Woodworker pro model pictured…I’m wondering because when the z axis moves down, it rubs against the arm on the left side of the router which widens the arms and concerns me that the boot might come loose.

Also, is it normal for the collet to come real close to and possibly hit the little shields that are around the collet area? I’ve tried adjusting the sliders every way and can’t seem to find an adjustment that works with my setup…thinking about taking a dremel to the shield but maybe if the collet rubs on it enough, it might work itself out.

Yes that is the normal suck it placement. Just make sure to rated the thumb nut to be out of the way.

Hey Gil,

I’ve printed my own dustboots from PWNCNC and have made a few modifications to the design to my own preferences. One of which was using a ratcheting style fastener like this instead of those knob style ones. Using this style means it doesn’t matter how tight I make the connection I can always move the handle out of the way. I don’t know what the threads are on the Onefinity boots, but I’m sure you could find the right size somewhere.

To eliminate broken acrylic plates I’ve also printed all those parts in a flexible filament so that the collet can smash into whatever it wants and I don’t have to worry about flying shrapnel. If you have a 3D printer I highly recommend this upgrade.

Edit: Going this route has the added benefit of being able to make the openings way smaller, vastly improving dust collection.

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