J Tech Laser lost most of its power

I was using my J Tech laser as I often do and in mid operation I noticed the letters I was engraving got lighter and lighter until it wouldn’t burn any more. However, I could use the M3 S9 command to check the focus which didn’t change. It just seems that it lost most of its power without dimming completely. I also set it to M3 S100 with no change in power. Has anyone had this problem? I sure would like to hear from support ASAP.

Have you recently updated firmware. as S100 is a very very small percentage and will not burn anything of note (Other than your fingers/skin/eyes… LOL) Where as that use to be 30-40%. Also could you be using an older toolpath that does not have the new settings for the new updates.

Firmware is up to date and S100 should be full power as I understand. However, I switched the little slider switch to the left and it started to burn at full power on its own so I put it back and after that it worked normally. Somehow it reset it or at least joilted it back to life. So everything is good now and I’ll see if it lasts.

S1000 is full power, s100 is 10% power.

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Thank you for the correction. It does seem odd though that I can get it to light up at S9.

Thanks for the quick update, I was not in front of my machine, and did not want to misquote the power settings, but this is what I meant, with the new settings full power was 1000 vs like 255 in the old world settings and if the tool was not updated and toolpaths regenerated they would have light showing with S100 but that would be about it…