M3 S20 Command for JTech laser

I’m aiming my laser, I input the M3 S20 command to turn on the laser to move it to my target. But every time I use my laser the command is a different value. Always M3, I understand that part. But the S part of the command is different everytime I use it. To get the laser to turn on its sometimes S40, S35, today it is S20. Anyone have any ideas why its jumping around like this?

if you are using 1.0.9 and the new post processors that is a very low setting like 2-4% power. you can usually go 10% without burning anything… like s100 as a good starting point. If you are on some of the older versions that S100 would be like 40% power…

Controller is using v1.0.9. Using Lightburn to create files. Have changed the S value to 1000 like Onefinity suggested. Only started doing this after I updated to v1.0.9.
It’s not really a major issue, Just was wondering if anyone else has seen this. Thanks for the reply.