Laser Won't fire with M3

I just reverted to 1.09, I had no problem with the laser in 1.1.1, but the other bugs made me revert. Now M3 S7 all the way up to M3 S99 do nothing at all. The laser fires at 100% with the switch on the controller, but other than that I can not turn it on to zero the machine.

please help.

I notice a similar issue, however, I finally got it to fire at M3 S20 with the Jtech 24w and it is not constant, it flickers. there may be something wrong with my laser. When I had the 7w it would fire at M3 S01.

they will definitly not be the same M S numbers. If s20 is not constant, move up until it is constant.

Did you check to see if your laser got disabled in setting during the upgrade/downgrade of software.

yeah, that was the problemā€¦ had to redo the laser settingsā€¦ my 14w fires at m3 s7 everything working now.