Journeyman for sale $3500 w/ Spindle and accessories

Location: Tampa Fl, local pickup preferred. Willing to look into U-ship, to ship it.

Journeyman barely used, I just don’t use it as much I thought I would, and I don’t want to see it go to waste. No screen.

2.2kw Spindle (water cooled) & VFD (HuangYang)
Shielded 16/4 20ft cable (I believe its 20ft, it goes through the drag chain).
3d printed brackets for drag chain mount
drag chain
custom shielded cables with ground hooks
Some Jenny bits
PwnCNC dust boot (2.5" goes under)
80mm spindle mount (+ original spindle mount)
onefinity 3xis touch probe
Cooling bucket with grommets and hoses that are long enough to route through the dragchains.

(I believe thats everything).

We will need to figure out boxes and shipping, I have some methods we can work out if need be.

Ive used this mostly to flatten the original work board and cut like maybe 3-4 things. I fear I just don’t use it enough to really justify it, and I don’t want to see it rust out in my garage. Shoot me an offer.

In total, its about $4,000+ worth of equipment, in mint condition, already set up and ready to go, all the work of grounding, soldering the connectors, cable length’s etc is all done and working. I think I got $4500-$5000 in it with shipping costs and such. If interested I will go into an officially itemized list with pictures taken on the spot of everything, and a video upon request of it working.

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Location? Local pickup?

I am in Tampa Florida. Local pickup is good. I am also willing to work with U-ship, scout prices and stuff.