Joy Stick Possible to switch Knob function?

Just asking, my brain almost always tries to use the right knob to jog. Is there a simple way to switch the function of the two knobs? (wireless joystick)

Not simple but you could hack the gamepad and swap the location of the two joysticks.
If they are he same move the wires from one to the other. I have no idea what type of connection is present but I doubt it is meant to be disturbed. You might be cutting and soldering wires if there even are any.

Take a peek inside and see what you’re getting into. Or better yet get one of the $15 versions, verify it works with the controller, then tear it apart and find out what makes it tick.

Or hold the gamepad upside down.
Hey, you asked for simple. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hey William,

this would work with xboxdrv:

xboxdrv --axismap X2=X1,Y2=Y1,X1=X2,Y1=Y2

but it is not installed.

Hey William,

or you can switch to CNC Remote control panel, it has only one stick for x,y and z and it is on the right :slight_smile:

In the forum:


Ok Bob, You know I had to be crazy enough to take my wireless joystick apart. As suspected solid circuit board. So, I’ll just learn to jog left handed…
Photos for those how have to know…
Thanks for the idea.

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Yeah, I figured it would probably turn out to be like that but you never know.

You can still have the option to hold it upside down. :slight_smile:

Thanks, took a serious look at this. With a folding table, it would be a little big for me. I’ll retrain my brain!

On another topic, I found a good use for the monitor magnet…for use with Joystick.(upgraded the monitor stand)…

Pro…I can find it…and it easily detaches for holding.


Nice, I like it. I used mine to mount the touch probe.