Jtech Laser Confusion

I just installed my Jtech laser.
I changed pwm-min-duty to 5
unchecked Dynamic power
rebooted and did not home.
I can get laser to turn on low power m03 s12 command

Ok, what good is this to zero X, and Y if machine isn’t homed?
In other words, how do I home machine and then zero x and y?

If I understand the question, simply hit the home button after your have tested your laser. The machine will go through its homing sequence. Position the laser relative to your work piece, zero and then load your g-code.

Note that homing is not required. Homing gives the controller the actual position of your router/laser. The controller can verify your g-code does not move outside of the axis. Such large moves would not damage the 1F but it would cause missed steps and ruin your work. If you are 100% confident that your g-code is safe from the zero point, you don’t need to home.

Thank you Ben,
I just talked to a jtech technician and he explained how it isn’t necessary to home the machine. I understand that now.
For the sake of argument, your first paragraph says to home the machine after testing laser. Then position the laser relative to workpiece and hit zero. That I still can not do. Once 1f is “homed” I can’t turn the laser on low power to set zero relative to workpiece.
So I do not “home” machine. Then I turn laser on low power, set x,y,z zero relative to workpiece. And run

You inquired on how to home, so I provided the required explanation. But we all agree that homing is optional if you are confident in your g-code.

There’s a known bug with MDI. You have other options to zero your part, in this other thread I explain the two options I use:

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