Jtech Laser Post Processors for Vectric (Download Links Included) (Old thread, built into Vectric 11.0 and beyond)

If you are running Vectric 11 or newer, these are built into Vectic and you do not need to download and install these.

Updated 6/17/21

Version (2.0):
Onefinity Laser (Inch) V2.pp (4.9 KB)
Onefinity_Laser_mm_V2.pp (4.9 KB)

Install these to use the Jtech Laser add on when using Vectric.


What configuration do you select when purchasing the module add on for Vectric?

It doesn’t matter which one you select. I’m not sure why they even make you pick one, it takes you to the same page. We’re working on getting the Onefinity a selection. For now, select anything grbl based.


How do I know if it is grill based Please point me to one.

Hi, I have the journeyman and Vcarve Pro. I am adding the laser mod from vectric and this list comes up. Which is the best choice?

Any GRBL one will lead to the same working one.

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