Keep getting error

can someone please help me with this error?


Kevin, there are many more experienced folk here who can help, but starting with the basics:

  • Did you home the system in all three axes first?
  • Did you zero the three axes on the work piece?
  • Did the place you zero on the job match the place the program expects it (ie centre for both or corner for both)

Does the Y size of job, plus the position of the Y zero want to push the Y axis further back than the system is capable of?

While executing GCode block:G0 X31.9375 Y47.9375 Z0.05

I would say yes.


yes to all, and I have double checked my layout.

Okay so how do I change that?

Kevin, it seems to you need to move the job forward (toward the front) of the table, and then re-zero. The total from front of table, to Y zero point, plus that zero point to the back of the carve in the file need to be less than the depth (Y length) of the table (actually the usable Y axis lenght of the 1F rather than the table). Does that make sense?

If the job is already at the front of the table, then it would seem the file thinks the job is too long in the Y direction for the gantry to get to the back most cut.

On my system, the back most cut is actually quite a long way forward on the table, since I have an 80mm spindle. There is quite a bit of the back of the table it cant reach.

If the job is longer in Y than the space you have to work with, then you will likely have to use tiling to get it done. If you use VCarve Pro this is reasonably straight forward, depending on the complexity of the job.

I do this when creating wasteboards, but they are reasonable simple carves (ie mostly straight lines or features in straight lines).

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