Keeps stopping in mid surfacing

Sorry for the long post.

I recently got my machine all setup and got the waste board installed, and have been trying to get it surfaced. However, it keeps stopping in mid cut. The first time it made only couple back and forth. I then redid the file because I wanted to make a couple changes, when back and ran the new file it made it further and then stopped again. I re-homed everything then probed and it make it about a third of the way through the project this time and stopped again. Here is what I got from the machine

Tool path info Z axis
Caution: The current tool path file would move 2.5 in above axis limit with the current offset.

My waste board file was made in Vetric Pro v11
I did include a 2.5 in start height for the initial profile pass, so that I could install the dust boot after probing Z (because the surfacing bit I am using will not allow me to do it otherwise)

I set my x,y 0 to the home position I then moved Z over on to my waste board probed for Z (which I have had to do in a couple of locations as I have attempted this cut like 3 times now).

I search for information and could not find anything that matched, all I could find was the Homing vs Zeroing information which I have followed and still getting the issue. Its frustrating me that I can’t get it figured out, as I have some other projects I would like to start on.

Side question related to project:
Also I am using the following surfacing bit and have gotten scallops in the section that it did cut, is this something that could be fixable with changing the file or will I need to tram my Front to Back?
Bit used
Amana #RC-2265 3 WING Spoilboard 1-1/2" DIA 1/4"SHANK


You should not need to do the above as probing takes place before you run a gcode file. (Note also: onefinity advice on not having tool changes in gcode)

Reads like you are trying to run a file that goes out of the bounds of the cnc. Do you have a warning on the controller under the tool path column (yellow highlighted)? If you do then you are running such a file. The controller will run the file for a short stint then stop after a countdown is expired. Tool path out if bounds are a frequent issue with surfacing as, for example, lead-in/lead-outs can make the paths exceed cnc geometry. If it is in Z then it could be that your absolute retract heights are too high relative to cutting height.

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Thanks for the reply.

Everything is is green before I start, after I probe for Z. The gcode file is loaded prior to probing for Z.

As for retract height Z never moves after start of the file, it is one continues cut back and forth. The initial start height of Z was only to get my dust boot on after probing Z because bit does not have any gap between it and the collet and is too wide to get the dust boot around without it. So it raises up when I hit play then I but boot on and start up router, continue and it lowers to material surface and does pass 1 which is the profile, and then moves to pass 2 which is rest of the board and keeps stopping in the middle of a line.

what CAM software are you using? Some people have had issues creating toolpaths due to multiple overlapping drawing lines.
You may need to post your gcode on the forum for us to have a look at.

Probing and Z height:
sounds ok. My workflow is:
(1) set x, y and z (probe or manual),
(2) fit dust boot using the joystick (or on screen controls) to raise the spindle to get the dust boot on
(3) press play to run the gcode.

I’m not sure why you have to set z retract height to fit the dust boot.

I used Vetric Pro to create my file.

I will redo it without the retract height at the start and see if that helps. Beside that part I just followed one of the youtube videos for making the surfacing file in Vetric (which I believe was for the onefinity).

Thanks again

Here is a good Youtube on wasteboard flattening for the Onefinity.

I found it helpful to me in learning some of the ins and outs of VCarve Pro and also used it to flatten my wasteboard. Maybe you have seen it already, but just in case:

Thanks for the reply.

I did watch that one, and it is the one that I followed so not sure why it did not workout.

Though I did notice that the screen would blink in and out on the monitor, not sure if that can affect the running of the file. So I need to change my plugs to separate circuits per the FAQ about the touch screen to fix that now.