Kinetic Hummingbird

I just finished my “Colibri” kinetic sculpture, as designed by Derek Hugger. Every part (and there are LOTSof parts) was cut out on my Machinist. I didn’t make a video, but the motion is fascinating to watch, and there are plenty of videos on YouTube, just search for “Hugger Colibri”, It was a very challenging and rewarding project, and a nice change from making clocks! If you decide to make one, plans are available at
but bear in mind that these things are BIG when they’re done!

Colibri_Send 1

Colibri_Send 2


That’s beautiful. Good work!

Which file format did you use to create this was it the STL or the DXF file that he sends with the purchase. Did you have to modify the files at all, or did they work out of the box? I was looking at this a while ago and hesitated thinking the files would not cnc clean out of the box.

Your’s came out AMAZING… Nice Work!!



Guys, thanks for the compliments! I used the DXF files as they came from Derek. I had only one problem with one part: The machine stuttered and lost its position cutting around a sharp curve. With the aid of 1F support, I determined that the cause was too many nodes in the drawing at that point, which was easily corrected by using the Node Edit feature in VCarve to remove a bunch of them. Other than that, it was plain sailing.
If you decide to build one, let me know, and I can organize and forward the notes that I made in my build book, which you might find useful. I should mention that the plans come with a detailed parts list, and if you order by the included McMaster-Carr part numbers, it will cost about $350.00 for hardware.


Thanks, so $450 total?

Well, the plans are $100.00, and whatever you spend for plywood and finish. You may have noticed that I made a custom weight, using some lead billets that I keep around for my clocks. I don’t know what the specified metal piece costs from McMaster-the PN’s in the parts list.

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