Lapond HC800 Setup

For those interested, I purchased a LAPOND VFD 10HP 7.5KW 220V 32A from Amazon and am really pleased with both the construction and performance. I wanted something with a bit more capacity that could handle more than the 220V 2.2KW 80mm Spindle Motor I also got recently as I may want to upgrade in the future and the price was certainly. right. The unit is well made and has appropriate sized terminal screws than the cheap HY VFDs.

Had a little hiccup on getting the minimum frequency working but the response from the manufacturer (Sonya) was able to find the right setting. The technical support leaves a bit to be desired since it is via email but response was usually less than 24 hours.

One nice feature is the ability to use the MFK key to switch between the panel and the Modbus. I have not yet setup for Modbus but plan to do so soon.

So here are the settings and links to docs on my server.

Lapond HC800 Manual
Lapond Guide
Lapond Modbus
Lapond Switch

P0.01 = 2
V/F Control

P0.02 = 0
Command source is onboard panel

P0.03 = 4
Main freq source is potentiometer

P0.10 = 400
Max frequency (must be set first!)

P0.08 = 400
Preset freq

P0.11 = 0
Freq upper limit source set by P0.12

P0.12 = 400
Freq upper limit

P0.14 = 0
Freq lower limit

P0.15 = 10
Carrier freq 10Khz

P0.17 = 6
Acceleration time 6 seconds (default is 20)

P0.18 = 1
Deceleration time 1 seconds

P4-23 = 0
Change setting from -10.00 to 0.0 by using up key

P1.00 = 1
Variable freq async motor

P1.01 = 2.2
Rated power 2.2kw

P1.02 = 220
Rated voltage

P1.03 = 8.5
Rated current

P1.04 = 400
Rated freq

P1.05 = 24000
Rated RPM

P1.37 = 2
Async motor complete tuning, displays ‘tune’

Press RUN

After success, press run and test with knob

P7.01 = 1
MFK key switches between panel and remote

P7.03 = 401F
Sets display to include RPM

P7.06 = .6
Speed display coefficient

PD.00 = 5005
Select ModBUS 9600 BPS

PD.01 = 0
Set 8 bit, no parity, 2 stop bits

PD.02 = 1
Set ID


Absolutely. great info and seems you are the first willing to share information about this VFD. I also have bought the same VFD from Amazon and currently in the process of building the controller for it. I wonder if you installed an RCD or RCCB as described in the manual. I live in the US which utilizes a split phase 220v power system and I can’t figure out how to wire in an RCB or RCCB since there is no neutral line. I wonder if you can share your diagram if you are also using split phase power system. Thanks

Dave, I purchased one of these drives to put on my lathe and looking at the manual, it seems to be a lack of information that I need to set the parameters for the drive. Would you be open to help me go thru the setup?

Sure, give me a call at 936 - 442 - 0811