Laser and Bit Pack Update 9/25/2020:

For those of you who ordered a laser and bit packs:
The lasers started shipping directly to customers who ordered one and already have received their machines today. If you ordered one and your machine has not shipped, it will ship with your machine.
The bit packs had a bit of a delay. We should be receiving those next week and will be shipping them out ASAP.


Any update on the bit packs?

Are the lasers still coming separate. I received the machine Monday but the laser is not in the box.


Hey Nicky… I believe the Bit Packs are now in stock. Please send an email to and we’ll send them out a.s.a.p… Thanks and talk soon…

Hey Nick… I believe Jtech is still drop shipping them… Jenn will be able to give you an eta. Please email her at and she’ll help you out in the morning. Thanks and talk soon…

Arrived this weekend, thank you. Just need to figure out why the diode isn’t turning on.