Laser dot very dim

Hello I have 44 watt laser with a masso controller and I’m having trouble seeing the laser to zero it at m3 s15 it used to very visible I have cleaned the lens and bumped it up to s20 and still it is hard to see, when I first went to use today it was very bright on the first file then when I went to cut another it was really dim, it is on but can’t really see it! thanks for listening




The guys at Jtech had me turn the pot to maximum (clockwise) when I felt like my 44w was under-performing. Didn’t make a bit of difference. I’m not sure that the Jtech 44w laser is worth the price really. I can’t even cut 2.7mm plywood with one pass at 20mm/sec, has to be 15 or less and I get some partial uncuts if there is even a hair of warp in the plywood. And yes, I’ve cleaned the lens and no joy.