Laser pointer on with Masso

I’d like to attach a laser pointer for dry runs and x/y alignment. Even though this is an electrical question, since it applies to the Onefinity power supply, I thought I’d ask it here.

Is it possible to power a 5mw (~5VDC) laser pointer through the MASSO? I’m an electrical dummy, but I wonder if it’s possible to use the 36VDC from the Onefinity power supply with a resistor to get 5VDC for the laser. I’ve soldered in plenty of them for other devices connected to my MASSO, but in doing so I was just following others’ recipes. Could I just wire in a 5.6k resistor to make it work? I apologize if this is a dumb question, like I said, I’m an electrical dummy.

Thanks for your help.

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Masso has a nice explanation of its use - including an example wiring diagram - in the online manual below:

I do not have an Elite, but built my own electronics, and this is the method I used.
The benefit is that the controller and Onefinity electronics are fully protected. The downside is extra cost for the components, and a littler bit more effort to install it.

Another plus is that you would be set to add other TTL output functionality in the future. (I have an ATC spindle and am always modding my setup - I have 3 of these Masso relay modules that are almost all full :grinning:). There are less expensive relay options, but they are often from overseas and their specs may not always be accurate.

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I used this little linear regulator board with the Elite power supply and adjusted the output voltage to suit the laser pointer I had. One relay in the MASSO 6X relay board is mapped to turn on the pointer.

DEVMO 2PCS LM317 DC-DC Converter Buck Step-Down Circuit Board Module Linear Regulator Adjustable Voltage Regulator Power Supply

FWIW, I find the laser quite useful for setting or confirming X0,Y0 where, say, +/-2mm accuracy is enough.


Great solution.

Did you calibrate the pointer to work at all Z heights, or choose one - like Z zero - as a reference for all the X0Y0?

Tom. All heights aren’t hard to accommodate. It takes a few tries adjusting to keep the crosshairs (or spot) stationary as Z is jogged up and down. I was going to cut a more adjustable holder with set screws but the one pictured works well enough.

Here’s the holder modeled in Fusion. It is about as close as possible to the spindle axis and the pointer has equal X and Y offsets from that axis.

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I found the same, and as you said, we are not using it to replace a 3D probe.

I need to find a new mounting location for mine. Having a functional dust shoe setup that I am happy with for my new Z assembly means the laser is now blocked.

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Thanks for that. I have a relay almost full and an ATC as well. I use a 3D probe. My concern is how to wire the power. The signal and offsets will be a piece of cake.

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As long as power consumption is low, power can be 0VDC and 24VDC originating at “GND” and “POWER” screw terminals on the MASSO G3 (stepped down downstream as necessary with a DC-DC converter for your laser pointer). It sounds like you have a relay module to use for switching. I brought everything I needed out via DB connector breakouts/cables but you may only need to bring out the 0VDC and switched 24VDC wires.

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Hey Loopback77,

A resistor wastes the voltage by transforming it into heat. What you would use is a DC-to-DC converter. They have a reasonable electrical efficiency. You can get them everywhere.