Lead time reduction (4/2/24)

We’ve just reduced the lead times for Elite machines to 4-6 weeks!

There’s never been a better time to purchase a OnefinityCNC!



Does this lead time reduction apply to machines purchased from here on out? Or does it include orders already in queue?


I was wondering the same thing.

I’m wondering the same thing. Already close to the 6 week point and still have 3 weeks to go before shipping is scheduled.

I’m only about 4 weeks in and more panicked by this announcement than excitement! I still have so much to do before it arrives. Lol

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Same boat here. Have to finish table build, dust collection, re-arrange garage, etc. I don’t think they’re gonna tell us :zipper_mouth_face:

Yes it does! Happiness for all! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Boom there it is! We better get to work fellas! Thanks 1F!


Yay, great news, can’t wait to see my tracking number!!

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I picked up my new table today! Lol


Hoo boy, I’d better speed up. I’m two weeks away from my original delivery estimate and this is as far as I’ve gotten on my table. Took this last night after the evening’s work. I share your anxiety, @Wraven!

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Is that the the Ikea copy of the Kreg table :crazy_face:

Can’t wait to see your finished result! That’ll be a proper machine stand right there. I can see it now!

That’s lovely woodwork. Great technique blending the vertical & horizontal components.

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Don’t hold your breath to the 4-6 weeks lead time, fellows. I placed by order in November and got it 2 weeks ago.

What was the lead time when you placed your order? This is very disconcerting news!

Right when we got in all the parts that we back ordered! Which let us reduce the lead times as we had the parts on hand! They can exhale now :slight_smile:


Has anyone gotten their tracking nbr yet? today is my six week mark, still “awaiting shipment” tho. Maybe tomorrow…

More pics from Colorado Woodrat would be nice until then. Very niiiice

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I don’t recall 100%, but I believe it was 8-12 weeks.

Yes, please exhale, for now. But don’t forgot to breath again when the order doesn’t show up in 6 weeks. I am not speaking about others, but this was my experience with all the orders I have placed:

*Placed order for Masso Upgrade Kit in November 2023; Received March 2024
*Placed order for JTech 24W laser in November 2022; Received April 2023
*Placed order for X-50 Journeyman upgrade in June 2021; Received October 2021
*Placed order for QWC in July 2021; Cancelled order after 6 weeks upon receiving email the order was delayed further.

Maybe it’s just me and others have a better luck with their orders.

Besides that, I love the company, love the product they produce, love the customer service they provide, but have always fallen short of delivering on time.