Library of ready to use projects?

Is there a Library of ready to use/make projects?

Hi Erik - not directly for the OF (that I know of). Best bet is to use the projects Inventables offers, and tailor for OF as required (which shouldn’t be much).




I think this is a good idea so we can test our CNC after assembly. Even if its the Onefinity logo as a start.

When I started my machine up the gcode for the logo was still there, but perhaps they forgot to wipe it!

A couple other sources: - run by Carbide3d. monthly project files - must have Vectric, paid or free trial
Thingiverse - usually 3D models
YouTube - obviously not a library but some makers link to their project files.


Actually, I think they leave it there for us to use as a trial on our own. I used it before loading and attempting my own first cut.

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I am attempting to run a file, I’ve had my machine for close to a month, how did you get that G code that was on the machine controller when it came to work.

If it is visible on the open button it should run unless the file has gotten corrupted somehow.

Oh thanks I’m gonna look into that, appreciate it very much

I have been using projects from a couple of sites that are pretty easy to navigate. I import the 3D files in to Vcarve and the others in to Carbide Create.