Lightburn direct integration

It would be awesome to have direct integration to Lightburn. I.e to be able to plug your computer directly into the OF controller by USB.

Two main reasons over just exporting the gcode file:

  1. Framing, when you hit the frame button the laser quickly darts around your proposed work area just to double check it’s going to engrave in the right spot.

  2. Webcam integration. Being able to overlay a webcam photo onto your workspace in Lightburn so that you can position your engraving precisely is really useful if you have odd shaped objects or scraps of material that you’re using up and want to accurately position what you’re going to engrave.

Cheers team,


+1, Lightburn’s Print and Cut feature opens up all sorts of possibilities, but seems like a non-starter without live control, or a custom i/f that reports 1F position, and support for it in LB

Any word on if this can now be accomplished or not? I’m new to lightburn and laser in general, and i see the framing feature in light burn would be helpful in putting me at ease.

It cannot with the elite or buildbotics controller.