Looking for a 6 wire coiled cord for a Journeyman

I adding a circuit and a stepper with a brake to my X50 journeyman. The circuit will monitor one of the phases of the stepper current and if it drops too low it’ll apply the brake. But I need to add 2 extra wires going to the stepper for the brake. I’m not using a drag chain so I’m looking for a coiled cord that matches the length of the 4 wire cord 1F uses.

For those who are adding a stepper with a brake for the non elite versions the one Stepper-online sells has an 8mm shaft. So you need to swap out the coupler as well. My X20 upgraded Z axis has a 8mm shaft at the end of the lead screw so this is the coupler you need.

Hey Alex,

I would avoid coiled cords. They are okay for shavers (and HiFi headphones in the 1970s), but not for permanent motion as in a CNC machine. The “curly” Z stepper cable on the Onefinity was reported to make problems here in the forums after one year of use.

I buy ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC FD 810 CY for the use in chains.

Is 0.75 mm² enough? If for a normal bipolar stepper with four wires and ground, I need shielded 4+PE, that would be LAPP No. 0026222 (5 G), so I would take a 6+PE (7 G) if you need the two additional wires, which would be LAPP No. 0026223.

If 0.5 mm² is enough, this would be LAPP No. 0026203 and 0026204 respectively.

Comparison chart for American Wire Gauge to IEC 60228

I was trying to avoid upgrading to a drag chain on this project. I haven’t had any issues with the coiled wire but I was hoping to find a coiled wire with shielding. I’m pretty sure the board I’m working on will work just fine but if I do have an issue it would be easier to troubleshoot.

I’m thinking of placing the monitor right at the stepper motor. That way if anything happens (other than the stepper failing) the brake would prevent a spinning bit from dropping down into the workpiece.

Hey Alex,

yes I understood that you didn’t want a drag chain at the moment, but I believe with a cable choice like I suggested it would be a serious cable and you would be safe should you one day change your mind with the chains.

There also exist simpler solutions, if you find drag chains too complicated :slight_smile: