Looking for help with VCarve Pro

I’m trying to work with a VCarve file for a Telecaster body. All the cavities for the pickups, controls and wire channels are one vector. The wire channels should not be part of the carve, as they’re supposed to be drilled out after, so they don’t show.
FenderTelecaster.crv (382 KB)

I’m pounding my head against the wall trying to figure out how to separate the different components of what appear to be one vector. I tried cutting the nodes at the intersections, with no joy.

I’m sure there’s a simple answer, but so far it has evaded me.

In desperation, I bought another .stl file from a different vendor on Etsy. This one - I can’t make the cavity vectors appear so as to create a toolpath. I shudda just taken the time to create one from scratch.
Tele Body Elec Luth.crv (1.7 MB)

Can they be ungrouped?

Try this. It’s just a matter of editing the nodes. Assuming I understood where the wire channels are. :slight_smile:
I made a new layer called Wire Channels
FenderTelecaster-Edit.crv (393 KB)

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:+1: :+1: THANK YOU!! I tried editing the nodes, but that is a skill I clearly need to work on. Thanks so much. The other issue is that the oblong control cavity needs to be deeper than the pup cavities, so now I can do that. I can now fix the dents in my shop drywall from banging my head against the walls!


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