Low profile wire connectors

I’m looking for a way to make the wire connectors lower profile as I have already built the enclosure looking at overall dimensions and didn’t know the wires stick out so much.

  • 90 degree connection?
  • How do the wires come out of the tubes so I can route wiring from the stepper side?

Hey Rob,

you can flip the rails over and loosen a screw in the bottom, then the plastic inserts come out. You could replace them by something else that you 3D-printed yourself with the socket at another angle (or whatever else). You could even lay the cables in a completely different way, i.e. not through the tube.

Support: How to Access the inner tube motor wire – Youtube

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Thanks, jumping on getting swapped over now.

Wow, those connectors look a lot more robust than the ones I got initially, so improvements continue to be made… Even if they present different challenges…