Machine "stuttering" with Lightburn

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besides too little RAM which causes swapping, as explained above, the bottleneck could be the serial connection between the Raspberry Pi and the AVR mainboard with the stepper drivers, through which all the commands are sent.

What matters here, are the g-code motion commands in your toolpath. That’s what is used and transmitted and finally translated into stepper movements. If you have a command that says straight move from x1,y1 to x2,y2, that is very few data to transmit, in comparison to say, move a million times one thousands inch at every step, because your entire file is converted from pixels of a photo. That is very much more data to be transmitted in a certain time, and could hit a transmission bottleneck depending on how the interface capacity is dimensionated.

You should be able to see the difference by simply looking at the size of the g-code file. A file that consists of a photo converted into g-code movements is usually many, many times bigger and full of extremely short movement commands.

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I am having the same problem running Lightburn code it will migrate and stutter, please help… or how do I return to 1.0.9

Have you found the solution? I have wasted many hours trying to burn on canvas, I do not like vcarve as a solution Lightburn is looks better, I believe it is the algorithms, I have used gimp then bring into Lightburn, if I do not use Pass thru it give a warning that due to over scan settings cut may be out of bounds, the g-code for those are like 10,000,000 lines and plus but for the pass thru and no warning they are under 3,000,000

I am interested for a better solution…

I never figured it out and 1F didn’t have any suggestions other than going back to 1.09. I did go back to 1.09 and that fixed another problem I was having with the laser so I am hopeful. I just finished a big project so I am about to get back to this. I have burned numerous svg projects since that happened and haven’t had any issues. My working theory is that there was something with how the pictures were set up in lightburn (my stuttering file was all pictures). I’ve also heard that having too many files in the controllers memory messes things up so I’ve deleted all but two. I’m going to try again this weekend and see what happens.
Even if it works, it’s still frustrating. I’d like to update the firmware to the latest version so that my spindle will work automatically (it doesn’t do that now with 1.09 even though I’m told it is supposed to) but I’m afraid of things messing up again if I update.

Btw, I get the out of bounds warning on everything I make in Lightburn and it is never a problem with anything else.

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I’ll be reflashing my controller back to the earlier firmware however keeping an eye to see if the next firmware will catch this glitch if you spot it or if I do let’s keep each other informed thank you

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I had this problem a while back Loosing X home position X50 Journeyman turned out to be the format of the picture file itself. When I got the same picture in its original format, I did not have the problem. If I printed the picture and scanned it back to a high resolution file I did not have the problem. The pictures I had the most problems with were one that had been sent by SMS text some time before I received them. SMS compresses the image file. Hope this helps.

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Not sure all pictures I burned I had manipulated in photoshop and gimp before importing into lightburn

I too have issues when using lightburn. When burning an image file the machine stutters and loses all xyz coordinates and moves very erratically, enough so that when it lost the z it moved and broke the mount for the laser. This particular file I was able to do a trace around and turn it into a vector which the machine would run perfectly. When loading the image file it takes several minutes to load before i can even run the program. When I contacted onefinity they said :I need to modify the image file so its not so large. The only way I can think of to do that is to change the DPI, but if I do that wont I lose some definition. So basically I am thinking that onefinity is incompatible with burning a lightburn image file and have to change to a different laser program if I cant modify it. Does anyone have a work around? I have the x50 woodworker running 1.2.1 software.