Makita Router running very hot

I’m making my first projects with my Onefinity. I’ve been running a Shapeoko for a long time with a Dewalt router.

My new Makita seems to be running very hot, to the point I have to let it cool down before changing the router bit. It’s too hot to touch, not just the bit but the body of the router. I never had this on my Dewalt.

Does the makita normally run quite hot, or should I be headed back to Home Depot with it?


If you’re used to using a CNC and you aren’t doing anything to aggressive with it, then yeah, you may want to bring it back. Mine not only doesn’t overheat but doesn’t sound anywhere near as loud as others I’ve heard. I find they vary, sometimes you get a "Friday afternoon " batch. They’re never bad , but there are differences. Don’t let them know you put it on a CNC, it’s not supported.:smirk:

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That doesn’t seem right. I can’t recall ever noticing that mine was hot and I’ve done some carves that ran for hours and hours and hours.

Thanks guys. I tried running the router under no load (just free running) and it got hot after 10 minute at #2 setting, to the point I could not touch the collet nut to take the tool out. Back to Home Depot with it in the morning.