MASSO G3 Touch & HY02D211B: Bells & Whistles

I am finishing up the interface between G3 and HY02D211B Spindle Drive, specifically related to Enable, E-Stop, and Fault indications.

Basic control, i.e., FWD, REV and Speed is straight ahead. However, the preferred methods to implement such as ENABLE, monitor ALARM / FAULT presence, E-Stop (STOP), etc. can be a little more ‘trick’.

As suggested by MASSO, I plan to use G3 TTL I/O w/ 6 Ch. Relay Module interfaced to the HY D1-D6 Inputs; HY Form C ( FA, FB, FC) SPDT Relay; HY Solid-State Form C (UPF & DRV) Relay. My Main Electrical Panel Door has PL indication, i.e., G3 OK, Spindle OK, Spindle Fault, Water Low/Spindle Hot, Axis Alarm.

Anyways . . .

TTL Out ES > RLY 6 SPDT NC > ENABLE All Axis / (Triggered) NOT ENA ‘STOP’;

ES > RLY 5 NO > (Triggered) ENABLE Spindle > HY RST D4 (RUN Pd046 [01]).

HY Form C SPDT Relay NO > (Triggered Form A) Pd052 [03] FAULT > PL Red ‘Spindle Fault’;
HY Form C SPDT Relay NC (Normal Form B) > PL Blu ‘Spindle OK’.

How are others doing similar to this? Any issues with my logic? Suggestions?

Thanks for checking this out! Billy