Masso G3 WiFi drops connection

Anyone having trouble with the Masso dropping WiFi connection? I’m currently working with Masso to solve this. Just wondering if others are experiencing the same. All works and then randomly for no reason, that I can figure out, Masso Link reports connecting and the Masso has to be restarted before it will reconnect. This happens both with a fixed or dynamic IP.

Are you able to ping the IP address of the Masso from another machine on the network while it’s in the failed status? I have an issue where the Masso is pingable, and Masso Link says “Connecting” and I am forced to reboot before it works again. This most often happens when I restart the CNC while Masso Link is left open. I can exit Masso Link and re-open it, and it remains stuck in “Connecting”. I can only think of once that this happened while the Masso and Masso Link where communicating successfully after bootup.

Yes, you’ve got the same issue. I can ping the ip address and Masso Link says, Connecting. The only fix at that point is to reboot the1F. It has no consistency that I can pin point. Just works for a short time (15 minutes) or longer(maybe 4 hours) but never consistent. I’ve got a ticket submitted to Masso and they have recreated the issue as well. Hopefully we will get a solution soon. Hard to troubleshoot when nothing seems to make it happen consistently. The problem is most definitely on the Masso side. As soon as you reboot the connection is again working and may work for a while. When the error happens, although you can select the WiFi window no input is recognized until after the reboot.

Mine is much more consistent. It almost always works reliably after a fresh reboot, and only the one time has it every stopped working after a reboot. “WiFI drops connection” is not an accurate description. It’s important that WiFi is working consistently through the problem, as evidenced by the successful pings. This suggests the problem is higher in the OSI model, which makes it Masso’s problem, and not something they can just say is a WiFi/network issue.

What operating system is your Masso Link running on? I’m on MacOS.

Thanks, while I appreciate the description could possibly be different “WiFi drops” is a 10,000 foot view of what is happening. I try to keep things simple not knowing who might be having the same type of issue. Since working with Masso and recreating the exact issue I was simply trying to see how common this issue might be, searching for any commonality. It does not matter which OS you use and you are correct I would assume it to be in the firmware of the Wifi module that is part of the Masso controller. I have no access to any of that so my troubleshooting efforts beyond WireShark are very limited. WireShark much like Masso Link shows the drop of data transfer. I’ve not been able to diagnose what happens, only that the data stops transferring. I will as you mention try to stop Masso Link and start it again after a reboot to see if it last longer or what if any difference it makes. Thanks for your reply and I’m glad it’s not as prevalent in your environment.

It’s definitely very annoying for me too. I try to close Masso Link every time I shut the CNC down, but I sometimes forget. Most, but not all of the time, Masso Link get’s stuck Connecting when I forget. I could take a look at it with Wireshark too.

When you say, “it stops transferring” what exactly are you seeing?

From what I see in the trace of normal operation, it seems Masso Link sends a UDP request to the CNC on UDP/11000 and the CNC replies with a two packet response. I wonder if, in a failed state, Masso Link is still sending the request, but no response is coming, or if no request is being sent, or if a mangled response is received. It looks to me like a normal status request is a payload of 02 00 01.

I think the connection request is actually two requests, one that starts with 02 00 02, and a second one that starts with 02 00 03. The response packet payloads seems to start with the corresponding values.

Looks like tool data requests are 02 00 08 XX, where XX is the tool id, base 0.

Looks like 02 00 0a says get ready for a file transfer, and 02 00 0b says end of file transfer.

I don’t have a failed trace yet, but I’m curious what we can learn from seeing one.

Wow thanks again! Okay That is what I’m seeing as well. The CNC never replies with the two packet response. I was not able to catch it but I’ve seen the case where the drop issue happens and then get back to a good state and continue. I wish I could capture that to see what happens in that instance. Most of the time it just stops responding to Masso Link and Masso Link continues to request a connection. as you said on UDP/11000.

I’m seeing the issue too with my Foreman. I opened a ticket a few months ago with Masso. I just upgraded my woodworker x50 to the Elite and was immediately able to reproduce the problem on the second machine.

Masso Link disconnects and cannot reconnect. I can still ping the controller. If i restart Masso Link it still can’t connect. The only way to recover is to restart the controller. I sent this video to Masso support a couple weeks ago and haven’t heard back…

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Are you seeing the request packet continue to go out? Is s the three byte payload the same as the requests that get responded to?

I think if we can capture the correct detail we can get MASSO to move on this.

I’m back in the shop this weekend and I’ll run some further captures. I’m thinking what is happening is a memory leak. That would be the most likely cause. I’m going to try and prove that by not starting Masso Link and leave the Masso on to see how long it last before a lockup. My guess is that it will not lockup and will continue to be fine until Masso Link starts hammering for an “are you there”. I know we won’t be able to fix it because we can’t see the other side but should be a fun experiment. I’ve never had it last more than about 4 hours so I’ll turn it on tonight and check in the morning. If no lockup I’m thinking it’s safe to say at least we know when it happens. Thanks again, I’ll report what I find.

The time limitation is one difference on our experiences. I don’t see that. I’d also like to check the checksums on the failed requests. If they’re bad, MASSO would ignore them.

We highly recommend moving or copying this thread/chat to massos own forum. We’d like this fixed and think more talk on their own forum it might get it to move to a higher priority for them!

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Good morning all. As I suspected the 1f had no time out last night. I left it on connected to WiFi network and I came in the shop this morning and brought up Masso Link and it connected as it should. With UDP the application side has to take care of communication. Missed packets and issues that are handled with other protocols (TCP) with UDP the application is responsible for those type of issues. That being said, what I seen with a “normal state” (with WireShark) and as seen by Adam Masso Link sends a UDP request to the CNC on UDP/11000 and the CNC replies with a two packet response. That is/seems to be the normal. Through a series of shutdowns and power ups I captured this being very erratic. Several request no answers then after a few request answers. I’ve not captured a failure yet but now that I know what is causing the failure (incorrect handling of UDP transfer) I can more accurately “guess” the real issue.

Could you elaborate on the best way to accomplish this “move or copy”. I can open a thread on the Masso forum but other than a link back to this I’m not sure how to move threads between Masso and Onefinity. Thanks.

How do you know it’s an incorrect handling of UDP transfer? Which side do you believe is handling it incorrectly? I’d love to know as much detail as possible about the nature of the mishandling.

My most frequent failure case is when I power up for the morning with Masso Link already open. Today, it didn’t fail :frowning:

Just go to the masso forums, and start a new thread, and see if everyone here can comment over on the thread you open over there.

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I’ll revive an old thread of mine on their forums.

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I just opened a new thread with Masso.

I posted some initial captures there.

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You can go to chatGPT openAI and ask for the difference UDP vs TCP. I’ll post up some further captures (@Masso) to show why I’m thinking this is the case and BTW I think from what I’m seeing, you may have something with the “fresh boot” scenario that you’re describing. Also thanks for your input and help with this issue.

Jumping on with I am having this issue as well. Brought it up with Masso a few months ago and just fizzled out with not really any assistance.