Masso handheld MPG Pedant

I just attached the handheld Masso MPG Pedant to the Elite Woodworker as per instructions.

No movement when selecting X axis on the pendant. On the G3 screen (where MPG status is shown… X Axis is shown as “off”). No issues on the Y& Z axis.

Did I miss any step after installing?


Forgot to add the Masso MPG that I am using


If you cannot Jog use the Mouse to click the jog buttons as users have had issues with faulty Keyboards, pendants and touch screens in the past. Using the mouse is the best test for jogging.

Hint: If your axis does not move check that you do not have a value of 0 in any of the following settings: Motor: Distance per revolution, Drive: Pulses per revolution, Maximum feedrate or Acceleration. Leaving a value of 0 in any of these 4 parameters on any axis will cause issues. If you are not using an axis please configure it with dummy values.

Did you see these?

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There’s also more troubleshooting here

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To add to @ChrisS 's support, perhaps check for physical damage to the pins - the support doc he linked shows which one is the X axis selector. If on the F1 screen all the correct LOW>HIGH are flashing when the other resolution/axis combinations are selected, then there is likely an internal fault with the pendant’s x axis. I am sure the 1F team will help from there - perhaps be ready with a video showing the connections you made and the F1 screen input changes when operating the pendant.

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Thanks for the suggestions ChrisS & TMToronto. The motors (X,Y & Z) all move when using the touch screen.

Y & Z also move when using the MPG. The issue is only when using the MPG to move/jog the X motor.

Also, unlike for Y & Z, the screen does not show/display “High” when the X axis is selected on the MPG. I don’t see any issues with the wire/termination at first glance. Will throughly check again after I read the Masso MPG wiring guide. Hopefully that will identify the issue.

Cool beans. I was just trying to follow troubleshooting techniques, and everything i know is only from the reading as my machine is anticipated to ship the week of may 8. Hopefully it’s not a short in the wire.
Let us know if you get it figured out

From what you describe, particularly that the input is not changing state, it seems to me the pendant is faulty. It is meant to be plug n play, so unless there was damage to a pin or wire connection when you removed the connector body to install it on the controller, the problem is likely internal.

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Quick update on my issue. Happy to say it’s now fixed. Took me a while but after reading the manual and with assist from Masso, figured out that was a loose connection!

Chalking it up as a learning curve :slight_smile:

Thanks to the community for the assist.

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