Masso switching between imperial and Metric

Using an Elite Foreman, Vectric Aspire for software, checking toolpaths as meticulously as I know how. I am progressing from signs to making boxes with a top and bottom. sometimes they fit and others times they don’t, even when tool paths did not change between attempts very frustrating.

Then I noticed that my machine is switching between Imperial and Metric on its own. It seems to happen while using the probe for X, Y , Z but it has also happened between loading setups for different parts or after some alarm or another has popped up. I checked the toolpaths and all are in imperial. everything is in imperial on the machine and software yet here we are. The problem corrects itself when I power down the Masso and restart it.

I am just starting out with CNC and I know how to create my own trouble without help from my electronic poltergeist. I have been looking at posts from non elite 1F machines that had the same issues. Any other Masso users that have or had this issue? Hopefully the issue is some button or another I am not pushing appropriately. Anybody?

Following for responses. I have the same issue with my 1F non elite. This is one reason I decided to get the Elite upgrade to avoid this but apparently it’s an issue with MASSO as well. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

If you have not already done so, please share this in the Masso forums.
Support usually asks for specifics of when it happens, the software used - controller, CAD, and their versions. Also the G code file(s) at issue if relevant, and sometimes a copy of the printable settings file.

If a known bug they will tell you, and if not, they will work hard to find out the cause. If determined to be a bug, it helps everyone to know.

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I put it on the Masso Forum site as suggested. While not directly resolved by the feedback, a comment put me down what I think was the right path, literally. I did have g21 gcode showing up on its own. But, the problem may have been of my own making by selecting the incorrect post processor when saving the tool path. Or it may have been the machine post processor install issue.

On the tool paths where the screen measurements changed there was also the change in the gcode. When I checked the PP on the Aspire software PP list I had both the Metric and Imperial PP installed. So far, there have not been further issues after taking the Metric PP out of my machine file. We will see as things go along if this was the problem. I have not yet had the issue with the probe either. Again, we will see what happens as we go along. Shutting off the machine reset the code to the default setting in the machine for Imperial. Running the toolpath code with the metric PP changed the machine to Metric, or so it seems at the moment.

Great news.

I had seen your post in the Masso forum. Although a small support team - both official and unofficial Masso members, I have found their help over many years to be excellent.

Let us remain optimistic that it has been resolved.

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