Max Size Waste Board

On the Woodworker the specs say (B) is 37 3/4"… I’d like to cut my board to the inside of the footer. Or where it flairs out on the bottom from side to side. Anyone have that measurement? Still have two months to wait but wanted to have the board ready. Thanks

You can make the wasteboard up to “36.299” inches wide like the drawing shows, but practically I think the biggest you want to make it is around 33 inches maximum. If you’re going to use a flattening bit, you’ll want to be sure the outer diameter of the flattening bit can reach the full width and depth of the wasteboard, otherwise you’ll have a little raised edge around the whole thing which might get in the way.

Of course, if you have a flattening bit larger than 1" (which is pretty typical for the Makita router’s capability) then you can go a bit wider. You may still wind up with slightly rounded raised corners at the four extreme points though, depending on how you set it up.

Good luck! Will be cool to see what you come up with!


The maximum cutting area of the ‘Woodworker’ machine is 32.125".

32.126 … :wink:

Just rounding down to something you could easily measure without a micrometer. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for you information… One month to go for my 1F… Still up in the air on the wasteboard on what to do. If I can cut 32.125 it would be nice to have hold downs on each side using T-nuts to the width of 37 3/4"… I might not even need to use a flattening bit since the bench that contains another CNC machine is perfectly level. Now that brings me to the wasteboard not being completely level and I find that it does have dips or whatever in my projects, I can then use the leveler. Now I’m trying to wrap my head around what difference does it make if I only level to the 33". The 2 3/4" on each side would never be used except for hold downs. Thanks again, cold and rainy in Maine

your going to want a flattening bit. it becomes a maintenance tool. did in my case anyway. and it will help keep your waste board level with the machine. I’m moving to a T-track system Hybrid kind of thing.