Milling Cutters vs Router Bits

The current 1/4" bit capacity of either the Makita router or a 65mm spindle presents a dilemma for me… which is cutting the outer contour on a 1-3/4" thick guitar body at full depth and the limited or unavailability of bits without a sufficient length of cut to do a full depth finishing pass.

I can get an extra long bit with a 2" LOC intended for milling metal, but I can’t find anything intended for routing wood. I expect the cutting geometry is different on cutters intended for metal versus wood.

Of course metal-purposed cutters will freely cut wood, so that could be an option though I anticipate less than optimal results.

Curious if others have been confronted with something similar, any experience to share in this regard? Thx…

You can get 3/8" collets for the Makita.


Thanks, Tom… I wasn’t aware of that and it should open some options. :+1:t2:

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Where can you get the 3/8 collet? I couldn’t find it on Amazon.

I think Elaire could make you one.

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Have you checked these folks out? I have some of their end mills and they work well – seems like they have XL and XXL end mills of various diameters.


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I will have to check on that because they don’t have one listed.

The link I posted is for an end mill with 3" long flutes and 6" total. That should meet your needs of 1 3/4" cut depth. Though you will likely get some chatter with something that long cutting that deep.


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This is where I saw it:

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Great! And so is the price! Under $10! Thanks.

This may not be desired but how about just doing your max DOC finish pass, then trimming on the band say and using a pattern (compression) bit. that way its built in holding tabs and you wont get as much chatter.

Yes, a pattern bit would be the plan failing otherwise.

I’ll be giving these a go…

We’ll see how it goes. :man_shrugging: