Milling SawStop extension table for router lift

I’m not sure where to put this post, so forgive the misclassification please.

I also bought a SawStop contractor saw at the same time as my 1F (which arrives today!). I’m planning to buy a Rockler router lift and install it in the wood extension wing that comes with the 36" fence. Has anyone used their CNC to mill the router lift cutout and the t-track slots?



I have, but not for a Rockler Router Lift. I routed out for Axminster Router Lift (UK). Check the inner radius needed to fit the router lift insert. It took me a couple of goes. Fortunately, I didn’t remove the table from the Onefinity until I was happy it fitted.

Great minds must think alike, I have fusion file all ready for test cut this weekend baring family obligations. I will let you know how it goes.

Let me know how it works. I’m guessing the table is 3/4" thick with the acrylic top.

Not specific to your question, but as I recall the Rockler router lift plates are odd ducks. There is the entire constellation of brands out there that are one size, and Rockler’s are another. If you make your table to fit the Rockler and later decide you want go with a different brand lift, you may end up having to redo your table. Nothing at all wrong with the Rockler - just marches to the beat of its own drummer.