Router Table Finished

Just a picture of the new router table I cut awhile ago - everything set up. A lesson or two learned:

It is important to pay attention to the lengths and placements of the t-track slots. The slots on this table are placed forward over the lift plate so the fence ‘just’ makes it past the router collet. To get shallower cuts, especially with larger diameter bits, I’ll need to use a double-thick sacrificial fence. This is, of course, sub-optimal.

A lot of the things I do require two setups. Tongue and groove, lock miters, etc. There is plenty of room on the Rockler 28x40 blank table top to get a 2nd plate and fence setup on there. I have an embarrassingly large collection of routers (it is a sickness) so the only requirements are a blank from Rockler, a lift, and a fence. All three of those items come up at a deep discount at Rockler and Woodcraft on a regular basis.

I’ve attached a Vectric file of the double lift table if anyone is interested in having such a thing. It is Saturday, so I am taking a day off from building to go downstairs and install the drag chain setup. N.B. The toolpaths have been edited to use a 1/4" instead of 5mm end mill.


FINAL Medusa Double Router Table.crv (2.5 MB)


Looks good, I’ve had a similar project on the back burner waiting for the “ideal” time to attack it. I like the idea of having 2 lifts back to back for multi step setups. What bit did you use to cut the top?

Thanks! I used a 5mm compression bit. No bit changes - that little workhorse does it all.

Looks very nice. I need to build a new top as well. I’ve done so many by hand I didn’t think of using the CNC. Only had the CNC a short time.

Welcome, Bernhard. The Onefinity is like having a hired hand in the shop. If you want to try it out, here is an updated version of the file above. The first file (.crv) is the editable file for Vectric. The second file is the G-Code you load into the Onefinity controller. If you make any changes to the .crv file, you’ll need to generate new tool path G-Code. Sorry if this is explaining too much - I’ve no idea how far along you are on your learning curve. Note - I edited this to also use a 1/4" end mill instead of 5mm. That’s a basic one that pretty much everyone starts off with.
FINAL Medusa Double Router Table.crv (2.5 MB)
LATEST Medusa Router Table.ngc (1.1 MB)
FINAL Medusa Double Router Table.pdf (11.1 KB)