Mounting screws for woodworker

Just got the news my woodworker is arriving today what size screws do I need to mount to my table

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@Machinist helped me by giving me the following from the holes on the “Machinist” which I assume will be the same:

“…the c’bore diameter is 15mm, and the length of the 8mm hole is 15mm top to bottom.”

Thank you headed to store to get some now

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It does come with screws for mounting to the table, although I wouldn’t use them. For some reason, they send Tapcon concrete screws for mounting… great for concrete, but they don’t have enough bite for wood.


I had no idea why they sent those. But I used three of them to mount a junction box on my concrete basement wall for my new 2x 20A power for the CNC. The only other tapcons I had laying around were 2.5” so it worked out nice.

Has anyone found other mounting screws they feel are a better match?

I just mounted my 1F and wondered about the screws, especially since I’m doing a flip-up table. Shear strength (for hanging sideways on flip table) on the tapcons seems OK I guess? I may be over thinking it.

FWIW I’m screwing into 1.5" of wood-like materials (3/4" MDF and 3/4" good plywood).

So I used Power Pro #8×1-1/2" screws

I have a flip cart and they are holding great


I will use bolts thru the table with washers and nuts on the underside. Screws into mdf, not good, especially with tilting table.

I used the tapcon screws included with the machine, attached to my table and there is no way its going to move. They are plenty strong enough for this application.

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I’m literally in the process right now of bolting my machine to the enclosure. It’s not flipping so that’s not a concern although I was taken a little aback when I realized the " special blue screws " were Tapcons , and three of them were bugles while the rest were bolt heads. What I was concerned about was ensuring the screws went in dead center in their holes so they wouldn’t pull the foot out of alignment as they were tightened down. Found a screw bore that fit the hole perfectly, just loosened the screw on the side of it so the bit slid easily, fit it in the screw hole, a light tap with a hammer marks the spot, predrill with a long drill bit and - presto- perfection.

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what were those screws that fit perfectly?

Somehow I thought from the photos that those blue screws were special, I don’t know, gun metal blue or blued steel like they do for expensive hand built watch hands. The first three tapcons I put on were the bugle heads. The rest were bolt heads with a slot for a flat head screwdriver. I struggled to put one in and then tossed the rest. I loathe slotted screws. It’s a Canadian thing. All the rest of the holes were screwed down with #10 Robertson 1 1/4 " flatheads. When I referred to perfection, it was the technique I used to ensure the screws were centered in the hole so as not to pull the foot out of alignment.

Oops, sorry. I see what your asking now. The screw bore I referred to was a counter bore, adjustable so you can change the depth the hole for the screw is sunk. I have a full set for different size screws but I don’t know what size the one I used was, they’re not marked. Looked to be for a #6 screw at a guess.