Mounting screws for woodworker

Just got the news my woodworker is arriving today what size screws do I need to mount to my table

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@Machinist helped me by giving me the following from the holes on the “Machinist” which I assume will be the same:

“…the c’bore diameter is 15mm, and the length of the 8mm hole is 15mm top to bottom.”

Thank you headed to store to get some now

It does come with screws for mounting to the table, although I wouldn’t use them. For some reason, they send Tapcon concrete screws for mounting… great for concrete, but they don’t have enough bite for wood.

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I had no idea why they sent those. But I used three of them to mount a junction box on my concrete basement wall for my new 2x 20A power for the CNC. The only other tapcons I had laying around were 2.5” so it worked out nice.

Has anyone found other mounting screws they feel are a better match?

I just mounted my 1F and wondered about the screws, especially since I’m doing a flip-up table. Shear strength (for hanging sideways on flip table) on the tapcons seems OK I guess? I may be over thinking it.

FWIW I’m screwing into 1.5" of wood-like materials (3/4" MDF and 3/4" good plywood).

So I used Power Pro #8×1-1/2" screws

I have a flip cart and they are holding great

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I will use bolts thru the table with washers and nuts on the underside. Screws into mdf, not good, especially with tilting table.

I used the tapcon screws included with the machine, attached to my table and there is no way its going to move. They are plenty strong enough for this application.

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