Moving to Start point after pressing Play

On the original controller, once play is pressed, it moves to Z then moves to X/Y start point.
When using clamps this can be very big disasters. One solution is FOR ME to the home position via the joystick. But if the software moved Z up, then to X/Y then moved Z to the start position automatically, damaging a bit could be avoided.

Summary: change bit, PLAY - Move X/Y then move Z.

That’s what your CAD post processor is telling it to do. You’ll need to reach out to the CAD maker (like vectric or carveco) to ask for this request or edit your gcode.

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In carveco (I think this is in vectric too) there is a check box in the save file section that says add home moves to toolpath. Then in your toolpath set a starting z position higher than your clamps. Your safe z will also need to be adjusted to be higher than your clamps so during the toolpath running the bit will rise up over the clamps.