Murphy Bed Type Fold Up Table - Dimensions Requested

I like others have limited space in my shop so was planning on designing a murphy bed type of fold up table. Wondering if anyone else had done something similar and has any design suggestions.

I was planning on using gas struts to balance out the weight for the rotation up but need more details on the clearance I need to the wall. Would anyone be able to share the dimensions of the height of the rear stepper motors off the bed of the table and the dimension from the rear stepper motors to the highest point of the router/vertical axis when it is in the most rearward position (hope I explained the well enough). I need to make sure I have clearance to the wall for the pivot point but if I get the pivot point forward enough, and the cross slide is close to the rear, it should help balance out the weight a bit more…but again, I need to make sure it doesn’t hit the wall.

I was also planning on setting the final height of the work surface much higher than the surface of my other bench equipment in around the 46" height. My thinking is that unlike bench work, I think it would be beneficial to have this equipment higher to see setup and there is very little force work that should be required on the table. Would anyone be able to offer advice on this height.

My longer term plan is to incorporate a lift to not only tilt it against the wall when not in use, but also have it on a slide with a piston to raise it higher (closer to the ceiling level) when not is use.

Thanks for any help and suggestions.


Marty - there are plenty of threads about the machine size - recommend searching the forms. In short, outside dimensions are approximately 55x50 min with the controller. I posted my CAD drawing of my work surface and machine layout as well.


I have searched quite a bit, can’t find the dimensions I need.

I do not have a OF yet, but took on the challenge of your question using available information. @mkngjoy posted a picture showing the height of the stepper motor top on the z axis above the table - it was just over 17". From the WW dimensional drawings, I calculated approximately 4.5" between the back of the y axis stepper motor to the front of the y axis rail mounting block - when the linear bearings are pushed back all the way back to touch the mounting block. My best guest is approximately 4-5" from there to the centre line of the z axis stepper motor. So you would need to be able to clear a 17" height, that would be about 9" from the wall. This does not include any extra depth needed for the actual table top dimension you choose, or motor cabling in the rear. Perhaps OF owners will verify/improve the accuracy of my estimates.

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